Installing the radiators in the interior

  1. back tin
  2. condenser
  3. cover

Installation manual

Installation instructions

We recommend you to install the wall heating panel on the peripheral wall so that a bottom edge of the panel is approximately 15cm above a clean floor. Hang up the wall heating panels with supplied dowels and screws, see the sketch with anchoring details. After installation of the wall heater and surrounding surface repair (plastering, painting etc.) complete the unit by installing a glass cover.


We recommend you to keep the wall heater clean to avoid noticeable heating output loss. To clean, remove the dust from a heat exchanger using a vacuum cleaner or damp brush before each heating season starts. For safety, do not obstruct the glass outlet fins by placing items on top of the radiator.

It is important to avoid any damage to the heatexchanger fins when installing or using the heating element. Any damage of the fins has to be repaired to ensure perfect air transmission.

We strongly recommend to contact a professional who will arrange the installation of the radiators in accordance with the current normatives.


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