The Heatroll free standing glass radiators are a perfect solution if there is no option to install either a wall mounted panel radiator or under floor heating. Heatroll free standing glass radiators have the same glass design on both sides, offering a pleasing aesthetic appearence from all angles. It is the ideal choice for conservatories and glass atriums; it can also be used as a functional room divider.


The closest action Heatroll - 11.03.2009

On 22.-26.9.2009 For Arch 2009 Fair, Prague - PVA Letňany, Hall 5, sector 5C.

Full color pattern - 05.03.2009

We have prepared for you a complete overview of all possible colors, shades and imitation radiators. View the pattern »

New Presentation - 04.03.2009

To date, we have created a new presentation with the introduction of products offered.



Heatroll offers a plethora of colors RAL colors. Sampler