The outputs of Hatroll radiators are certified in accordance with the European EN 442 standard.

Simple and fast installation, standard connecting

On the Heatroll body there is a back frame which is fastened to the wall with four screws; the covering parts of the unit are just hung on it, no further tools are necessary. Both the connecting fittings and controlling elements are the same as for the conventional types of radiators. The heating body may be linked from both right and left side, however, always from the lower side of the panel. Heatroll can also be connected to the existing heating unit with the previous heating system using a higher temperature of water.

Instant heating and energy savings

Heatroll radiators work with a very small volume of water, compared with the conventional radiators. This enables almost instant heating.

One of the biggest advantages of the Heatroll heating panels is the fact that they may be produced in atypical sizes according to demands and wishes of our customers.

Although there is only 1 type actually offered, it is possible to change the parameters of the radiator as well as the colour of the panel coverage, thus putting it to harmony with the rest of your interior elements.

The original Heatroll design is protected by the trademark.


The closest action Heatroll - 11.03.2009

On 22.-26.9.2009 For Arch 2009 Fair, Prague - PVA Letňany, Hall 5, sector 5C.

Full color pattern - 05.03.2009

We have prepared for you a complete overview of all possible colors, shades and imitation radiators. View the pattern »

New Presentation - 04.03.2009

To date, we have created a new presentation with the introduction of products offered.



Heatroll offers a plethora of colors RAL colors. Sampler