HEATROLL ... Radiators of the future!

Main advantages of the Heatroll radiators

  • Considerable reduction of heating costs.
  • Timeless design combining varnished glass and metal. Colour finish according to the RAL sample book.
  • Perfect in connection with condensing boilers and heat pumps (also compatible with older heating systems).
  • Suitable both for new modern interiors and older or historical buildings.


Heatroll has its own style. It does not copy the design of standard metal or cast-iron radiators. This radiator will appeal to all who wish to be different and want to change the look of their interiors, mainly the customers who will appreciate the technical advantages of these types of heating bodies.

Healthy heating

The Heatroll system was developed in such a way that the heat coming out of the radiator does not dry up the air in the room, which is a typical by-product of conventional radiators. This radiator guarantees healthy and clean air.

Quality of air and peace of mind

Heatroll heats the room evenly in a very short time, which contributes to the overall peace of mind. Moreover, the air coming out of the radiator creates natural and pleasant heat, thus keeping the appropriate humidity of the room.


Heatroll is very safe, considering the surface temperature, because the temperature of radiator covers never exceeds 43 °C. All glass parts are made of safety hardened glass, delivered by the GTB Glass company (Czech Republic).


Heatroll uses a simple, yet a very efficient convection principle of air flow. Using the chimney principle, the air is heated in the unique heat exchanger, it reduces its density and rises. Cold air is sucked at the floor level, which creates a natural circulation.

Simple and fast installation and adjustment

Heatroll has a back frame which is fastened to the wall with 4 screws; the other parts of the radiator are just put on it, no tools are necessary. Both the connecting fittings and controlling elements are the same as for the conventional types of radiators.

Fast heating

Heatroll radiators work with a very small volume of water, compared with the conventional radiators. This enables almost instant heating.

Energy conservation

Heat exchangers used in the Heatroll system guarantee its high energy efficiency, in spite of the low temperature of water in the system (45 – 50 °C). Heatroll can also be connected to the existing heating unit with the previous heating system using a higher temperature of water.

Output for: inlet water temperature = 75°C, outlet water temperature = 65°C, room air temperature = 20°C

The possibility of producing the atypical sizes, according to the needs of the customer, is a great advantage of the system

Although the standard offer includes 4 basic types, it is possible to change the length and/or the height of the radiator according to the requirements. Please, contact the seller or the producer.


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Heatroll offers a plethora of colors RAL colors. Sampler